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How to do foreign trade network marketing more effectively? You need to know these key points

  • Time:2022-03-28
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Many foreign trade newbies do not have a mobile Internet foundation. They want to do foreign trade online marketing but don’t know how to do it. How to do foreign trade network marketing more effectively?

Let’s first understand the four main ways of foreign trade network marketing:

The first is search engine SEO optimization + SEM paid marketing represented by Google; the second is content marketing on social platforms, commonly used social platforms are: Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsAPP, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; the third is B2B foreign trade platforms, such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China, etc.; Fourth, the promotion of short video platforms, such as Youtube and Tiktok, which has been popular in the world in the past two years.

How to do foreign trade network marketing more effectively? Here are a few key points for you:

·First of all, your product content must be attractive, that is, you must do a good job in product positioning and refine your core selling points. Whether it is a foreign trade website or a short video, you need your products to have key points and highlights. Therefore, when an enterprise first switches to foreign trade, it is more important to tap your core products and the core selling points of your products, and to improve the quality.

·Secondly, when building an independent website, you should pay attention to the selection of international domain names, website hosts, keyword planning, website meta tags, image tags, etc. Of course, the process of building a website and the maintenance and upgrading after the establishment of the website need professional personnel to do it. New foreign trade novice must first learn and understand the key knowledge points.

·Again, what kind of content can you do to attract overseas customers? This requires enterprises to do a good job of market positioning when doing foreign trade, and to understand the culture and preferences of the target customers in the region. You can find some overseas hot topics, find angles to plan product-related topics, interact with your users, and absorb their ideas and opinions.

·Finally, the development of Tiktok in the world has been hot in the past two years, which is the high dividend period of development. This is the direction that enterprises should focus on when doing foreign trade online marketing. When making Tiktok, companies must cater to local local characteristics, integrate their products with local characteristics or hot spots, highlight the key points of products, and create atmosphere with scenes, so as to attract users' attention and let overseas target customers find you.