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How to locate regional words and precise words when optimizing keyword rankings

  • Time:2022-03-28
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When optimizing keyword ranking, the positioning of regional words and accurate words

When it comes to website SEO optimization; most SEO optimizers have questions about keyword positioning. For example, how to locate regional words? If the area name is too deliberate, will it appear abrupt and unprofessional? If it's an exact word, how do you target it, and how do you start changing competing keywords? In fact, when doing Baidu snapshot optimization, your thoughts and positioning can determine the final ranking and results

Baidu snapshot optimization description

In fact, snapshot optimization is what we often call SEO optimization. This is how the same thing? Optimization is a snapshot of search engines. Where do Baidu snapshots come from? The word "Baidu Snapshot" is in the lower right corner of the snapshot bit. Click the jump link to view the historical snapshot of the page, Baidu snapshot will be updated with the continuous update of the website

Area word &40; Area word &41; Note:

Territorial words, also known as regional words, usually refer to a certain geographical space, which is a complex formed by the combined action of natural and human factors. Overall, it has three characteristics: regional, humanistic and systematic. Different regions will form different mirrors, reflecting different regional cultures and forming unique regional landscapes. The same goes for search engines. Search engine algorithms, personalization, and geography will match exactly what users are looking for

Exact word description.

Exact words are also known as generic demand words. separate them! Generally speaking, it refers to a highly accurate search term that cannot accurately locate events or things; we often see such a sentence in the feedback of Baidu webmasters: "Hello, the feedback keyword is a general demand word, a general The ranking of demand words depends on the comprehensive quality of the page. At present, the online status of the website is in line with expectations. I hope the ranking is better, please refer to the relevant chapters of Baidu Webmaster Academy. Thank you for your attention and support to Baidu!”

Long story short:

When doing website optimization; be sure to target and conceive your website! Usually divided into the following situations

1. Word optimization can quickly improve the ranking of specified keywords

2. Targeted optimization: To improve search term ranking on special pages and subpages

3. The overall ranking is rising. As long as it is the traffic of the industry, what long-tail keywords and precise words are needed

4. Another is you want to do anything but you don't know how Relevance of keywords. The second is to check the page quality and then exchange links. Word optimization is enough 40; Common in regional words and exact words &41;

Answer 2: The principle is the same. If it's optimized for a certain page or theme. On the basis of 1 answer; strengthen the use of tags, the relevance and quality of keywords, and build content according to the needs of users; common in regional words and precise words&41;

3 Answer: Comprehensive improvement, usually called site-wide optimization; first, set a small goal, what level should the website achieve. Then make a plan, create a vocabulary, conduct data statistics and analysis; check the site regularly, and operate according to the data carefully. Don't do surgery if your brain is as hot as mine.