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Five factors of how to improve SEO keywords in website keyword SEO optimization

  • Time:2022-03-28
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Website SEO lacks high-quality external and internal links. External links and internal links are the boosters for website SEO keyword optimization. High-quality external links can effectively improve the reputation of website SEO, and a reasonable internal link system can also effectively guide search engines to crawl each page smoothly and promote website SEO collection. These are important parts of optimization


Carry out the construction of the external chain of your own website SEO, as well as the construction of the external chain of your own website SEO. When building a website SEO backlink, increasing the weight of the website is an important method. Then you will ask, can it only be external links? No, it's not like that. External spam links have no impact on website SEO. We should choose useful external links to build the website and thus increase the authority of the website


Origin and regularity of bear paws. Good data for analyzing user needs, searches, and useless content. Doing these things can get better results. Learn to use the built-in statistical tools of Bear's Paws, such as statistics, click exhibition statistics, traffic statistics, and keyword statistics.

A website should be structured well, not aimed at users. It needs to meet the requirements of search engines, so that search engines can capture the pages of the website smoothly and quickly, so that the website can quickly include more pages. Only in this way can search engines be more friendly to the website and provide better rankings for the website. Therefore, when making a website, an enterprise should try to simplify the structure as much as possible, with shallow layers and many internal links, so as to make it easier for search engines to crawl more website pages and make the website optimization effect more ideal.

Do not modify the TDK description lightly during the sandbox period of the new site. After the articles of Xinzhan are included, our team does not recommend you to modify them, because the sandbox period of Xinzhan is the time of Baidu review site. You can extend the evaluation time of your website if you change your website articles that are indexed by Baidu

Build a sitemap, the sitemap submitted by the website, Baidu search engine will periodically capture and process the link sent. In order to increase the frequency of spider capture, the webmaster needs to add a new link on the site map and submit it to Baidu, which can improve the speed of spider capture.


Websites should be able to accurately target users. For example, the site's main push feature is the good car owner app. Then, we need to get users to the site so they can see what they're interested in at first glance. The content on the website carousel needs to be this kind of information, and set the URL link of the corresponding page


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