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When enterprises are doing SEO optimization, what should they pay attention to in addition to the optimization details inside and outside the site?

  • Time:2022-03-28
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Regarding website SEO ranking, we are familiar with internal optimization and external link building that directly affect website ranking. Internal optimization, we read a few articles on the Internet to understand. But external optimization always makes SEO difficult for everyone. In the past, many people used Affiliate Links to build. But better sites usually ignore small stations. And too many exit links on a website will directly lead to a drop in authority. More and more people are now using marketing software to build external contacts and promote networks. Of course, we need to pay attention to other details when building external links. For example, when doing SEO on a corporate website today, in addition to internal and external optimization, what else should we pay attention to?

The enterprise site is the most accessible site for SEOER, it is a type of site that is easy to optimize and easy to gain. It's an increasingly competitive site because if you can do it, so can others. So, who has the upper hand in the details. So what details of enterprise site optimization are we easy to ignore?

The 404 page sets up an enterprise site. Although there are fewer pages, the error probability is relatively low. But in many cases, it is because the website is small, so the security is not very good, and it is easy to be attacked by others and hanged by others. After an attack, files are often lost, or static pages are lost. At this point, the 404 page function appears. When spiders index our site, 404 pages also give search engine spiders a good "user experience" if we don't know if there are web files. Spiders will also feel that our website is doing better at this time.

I find the archiving of the site a bit cumbersome. But this is a necessity for a website or our country's website managers to mature, that is, standardization. A registered website actually has many advantages. At least we can use the family space. Although the domestic space is not very good, the routing nodes that the data needs to pass through are much less than those abroad. The opening speed of a website is not only an important factor reflecting user experience, but also one of the factors that search engine spiders give our website weight. Because the time required for search engine spiders is relatively limited, there is also a price to complete this super multi-site index. That's why Baidu's servers use a year's worth of electricity, and how many kilowatts of electricity Baidu needs to submit a search. Therefore, a fast website is also a contribution to search engines.

Don't add links too much, many enterprise sites can be said to have excessive links. Originally, my own website was very simple, but adding links everywhere made my website complicated. Search engine spiders can see through your website content in a second, and you have to set a path in the content for it to crawl. Crawling back and forth, the page corresponding to the internal link has been crawled from the beginning. Isn't this unnecessary? Therefore, the enterprise station, the chain can do, but do not do more.

For many enterprise sites, only static sitemaps are made from sitemap files in XML format. I don't know if it's a technical reason or something, that is, there is no sitemap file in XML format. In my opinion, it's not that difficult after all to accomplish both ways of writing. Because XML files are like txt files for robots, spiders are the easiest to identify. Isn't there a saying that XML transfers data across platforms? Of course. HTML web files are also recognized by spiders, but it is not as easy to index as XML files.