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Dongguan JiangZhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Culture

Management idea:

Become a healthy and long-term Seiko enterprise

Healthy development should resist all kinds of temptations in the process of enterprise management. Focus on doing what you are good at;

Be a Seiko enterprise in the mobile phone industry. Renren becomes an expert in precision structure components and provides integrated services of 

precision molds and completeshell components for mobile phones and intelligent products.

Starting from 5S, cultivate every employee's good work quality. Pay attention to every process, every detail of work, lean production of all staff, and 

create every Seiko product.

The human, logistics, financial flow and all business-related information flow of the enterprise are incorporated into the digital IT system to realize the

 flexible production andcomprehensive informatization of the enterprise.

Establish a scientific budget and cost control financial system to help enterprises achieve high returns and get rich together with those struggling.

Create a successor team full of creativity and inherit the corporate cultural atmosphere to realize the healthy and long-term operation of the enterprise.

Enterprise mission:

Customer focus

Provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Design products, product structure and manufacturing process from the perspective of consumer experience to meet the core needs of target 

consumers and customers.

The enterprise should also implement "customer-centered", regard all internal departments and upper and lower processes as customers, and provide 

them with excellent products and services.

Taking customers as the center is to understand customers' needs from the perspective of customers and meet their needs.

Grow with employees

Create a harmonious and mutually respectful working atmosphere for employees.

Pursue the material and spiritual happiness of all employees.

Cultivate talents with craftsman spirit and business awareness.

Take the striver as the foundation and shape a complete professional character through being able to work up and down.

High yield enterprise

Only by creating high returns can enterprises develop healthily and build a happy enterprise.

Establish operating budget, accounting and incentive mechanism to build an information-based, automated and lean enterprise.

Continuous low-cost innovation.

Continuous improvement of all staff.

Enterprise values:


Keep an ordinary mind, insist on doing the right thing, and do everything right.

This part standardizes the attitude of cooperation with others. I don't make people cheap.

Duty is a kind of responsibility. When there is a problem, the first thing is to seek responsibility for yourself.

This part includes integrity, which is a responsibility, criterion and resource. In particular, we should stick to integrity when we encounter setbacks and

pay a price.

Build a happy enterprise alliance with business partners.

Make due contributions to community environmental protection, government taxation and social progress.


Quality is to keep improving. It must meet the needs of customers and be higher than the comprehensive competitiveness of peers.

Quality is a system engineering that is designed and improved by all staff.

Quality is to constantly improve the ability to be a person, do things and make products, which is the dignity of the enterprise and reflects the 

craftsman spirit of the enterprise.


Carry out innovation around meeting market demand and solving customer pain points.

Carry out all-round innovation from organization to process, product and technology.

Moderate innovation, open innovation, and oppose blind innovation.

Innovation has risks, and non innovation is the biggest risk of an enterprise.