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Explanation of application of mold escape gas opening

  • Time:2022-09-26
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Explanation of application of mold escape gas opening

Explanation of application of mold escape gas opening

Training requirements

1. Please sign in on the sign in form when entering the venue;


2. Listen to the class carefully and observe the classroom discipline;


3. Turn off all communication tools or set vibration;

For example, the emergency call for work can be answered outside;


4. Cheating is strictly prohibited during the examination;

Understand escape routes

一.Definition of escape routes:

The way of gas (gas and air) flowing out of mould cavity when products are forming

二. Escape function:

1. It is favorable for filling and forming of products, shrinking, lack of materials, air lines, brightening and escaping of products


2. It is advantageous to extend the service life of the mould, and the gas escape is not good, which makes the gas deposit and corrode the mould core

Additional escaping parts and principles:

三. additional parts of escaping gas:

PL surface, thimble, insert, rib depth, material channel

四. principle of additional escape location:

1. Add at the last arrival of materials

2. Added to the right side of the injection port

3. Add to the most difficult part

4. Added to the product binding line

Applicable occasions and precautions of mould escaping gas

1.The mold flow passage must be used for escaping gas;

2.When the thickness of the formed meat is thin (less than 0.7), it is necessary to make a mold to escape air;

3.When the forming rib position of the product is deep (more than 2 times of the thickness of the meat), it is necessary to make a mold to escape air;

4.If the forming area of the product is large, it is necessary to make a mould to escape gas;

5.When there are many (large) holes in the product, it is necessary to break the surface to escape gas;

6.The escape position should be set at the position where the joint line appears, according to the actual forming situation, but the escape channel should be made around the die core

Processing mode and shape of escape airway:

1. Generally, SG processing is adopted to add. According to the shape of glue position, the distribution is uniform. (PL surface) the length of exhaust duct is 1-2mm behind the glue position, and then it escapes, with a depth of about 0.50mm

2. The circular inlet and the insert are added with circular exhaust channel, and the exhaust volume is calculated on one side


3. The runner escape gas is added, which can be processed by M and discharged from the feeding place

Design requirements for product escape tank:

Width of air escape port: w = 4.0, 8.0, 10.0

Air escape depth: H = 0.02 ~ 0.05

Length of air escape port: a = 1.0 ~ 1.51576564586(1)

Escape channel depth: H1 = above 0.5

Reference value of mold escape depth of common plastic materials

In order to prevent forming overflow (Burr), different plastic materials adopt different air escape groove depths:Setting: mm


Additional schematic diagram of escape channel of panel mould