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Experience summary of fixture design and manufacture

  • Time:2022-09-26
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Experience summary of fixture design and manufacture

Experience summary of fixture design and manufacture

Notes on fixture design

1. Before designing the fixture, it is necessary to understand the customer's requirements and the purpose of making the fixture

2. Confirm whether the products used for fixture construction do not contain shrinkage, and whether they are the latest products (if there is design change in the process of product design, the fixture shall be changed accordingly)

3. Make the fixture as simple as possible to facilitate subsequent processing and operation

Classification of in plant fixtures

1. Coating fixture

2. Evaporation and plating fixture

3. Punching head fixture

4. Precision carving fixture

5. Printing fixture

6. Injection inlet fixture

7. Measuring fixture

8. Hot melt fixture

9. Attach fixture

Selection of jigs

1. Punching fixture: SKD61 HRC50 ° ~ ~ hrc52 ° for product positioning plate and punching knife

S55C, SS41 and S45C are used for the upper fixing plate, punching fixed plate and guide post

2. Precision carving, printing and affixing fixture: Bakelite

3. Measuring tools: S55C, SS41, S45C

4. Injection inlet, hot-melt nut fixture: Bakelite is used for product positioning plate

Beryllium copper for hot-melt column and brass for upper formwork

Cutting head jig

According to the combination of material head and product after product forming, we need to make paving jig to separate the product and material head, which is called punching jig. Here are the steps:

1. Open 3D of the product to be used as a fixture for a shrinkage treatment "shrinkage of different materials is different"

2. Find out whether there is no significant difference between the actual product for measurement and 3D for comparison. If there is a large difference, the 3D size must be appropriately changed in the next step.

3. Determine how to conduct positioning treatment for products and jigs. The positioning clearance is 0.03mm-0.05mm on one side.

4. The clearance between cutter and product is 0.02mm, and that between cutter and base is 0.04mm

5. The fixture structure has the following components:


Precision carving and printing fixture

1. The design principles of precision carving and printing jigs are the same, which are based on the internal structure of the product

To design fixtures

2. Precautions for printing fixture:

Material printing and delivery. Positioning with the largest frame of the product

After coating and ncvm printing, avoid scratches on the appearance of the product, usually locate on the internal surface of the product

Clearance between product and fixture: 0.05mm ~ 0.1mm

3. Precautions for precision carving fixture:

For components such as battery cover, suction hole shall be opened on the product positioning plate. Specification of suction hole: 1 ~ 1.5mm

For the products in the outer frame of the mobile phone, an upper cover plate shall be added to locate the products

For products with stainless steel, a positioning plate is made of steel and the product is tightened with magnet

Clearance between product and fixture: 0.1mm ~ 0.15mm

Carving tool


Printing fixture


Injection inlet fixture


Hot melt nut jig


Measuring fixture


1. Selection of measuring jig: usually metal materials (steel and aluminum) are used

2. Most of the products to be measured are 3D surfaces. When designing the fixture, it is only necessary to level the product, take two points for positioning, and avoid the maximum length and width position of the product

3. Clearance between fixture and product: 0.05mm ~ 0.1mm

Attached fixture