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Consideration direction of mold repair

  • Time:2022-09-26
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Consideration direction of mold repair

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Consideration direction of mold repair

I. the burr is divided into PL burr, which is inserted and pasted

1. The cause of PL burr is the insufficient strength of the mold. It needs to be confirmed on the basis of OK dimension method: 1. Height, quantity and position of the support column; 2. Strength of the mold core and the formwork, especially the breakage of the material head insert and the formwork

2. Insert the burr and stick the burr to confirm the die size method and the four corner positioning method

3. Decrease of relying area 4. Change of injection port position

II. Shrinkage (depression), binding line, lack of material (too thin meat)

1. Correction of die core corresponding to shrinkage (change the bottom plane to spherical surface)

2. Add stolen meat at the shrinkage

3. Increase the injection port and flow channel (as the case may be)

4. Open the escape pin, blind hole, or

Use breathable steel

5. Change of injection port position or add injection port

6. Add concave or glue on the opposite side of the gate

7. Add glue to the customer at the place of material shortage

III. injection port height

1. Point gate ∮ diameter reduction

2. Point gate meat stealing boss heightening

3. The ball joint of the injection port of the point gate is deepened

IV. uneven luster or scratches on the undercut surface

1. The demoulding angle of the core is not enough (scratched)

2. Fine or thick undercut lines (uneven luster, stress marks)

3. Add air escape inlet or flower biting at corresponding place (uneven luster, stress mark)

4. Change of thimble position (uneven luster, stress mark)

V. poor section and size

1. For section difference, it is necessary to confirm the four corner positioning dimension method of male and female mold core, and correct it after the actual measurement of mold core dimension method

2. Correction after measuring the defect of dimension method

Vi. parting, sticking and scratching

1. The main reason for the poor parting is the product sticking to the mold, and the poor action of the reverse opening slider of the mold may also cause the poor parting of the product

The products are divided into the following types:

I. bonding die

Countermeasures: 1. Add the demoulding slope at the mould sticking position

2. For the corresponding part of the male mold, increase the gripping force by biting the flower or adding the meat thief (as shown in the figure)


3. Insert the elastic pin of the main mold (as shown in the figure)


4. Add / return pin in sub of master module (as shown in the figure)


5. The sliding block of the common mold is delayed to increase the grasping force of the common mold (as shown in the figure)



Two: stick male mold

Countermeasures: 1. Add the demoulding slope at the mould sticking position

2. Add thimble or sleeve (as shown in the figure) at the die sticking position


3. Change the in pin to the back pin at the die sticking position, and make a strong block in the pin withdrawing direction for the male die to avoid sticking the pin in (as shown in the figure)



Three: stick slider

Countermeasures: 1. Add demoulding slope to slide block

2. Make a strong stopper on the core (as shown in the figure)


3. The slide block shall be demoulded before stripping the male and female cores (as shown in the figure)



Four: stick oblique pin

Countermeasures: 1. Oblique pin plus demoulding angle

2. Add a strong or non slip thimble next to the inclined pin (as shown in the figure)

3. Try to reduce the skew pin forming position


V. lift off type at inclined pin:

Countermeasures: 1. The top of the inclined pin shall not be higher than the top of the core at the demoulding position

2. Insufficient ejection stroke

3. Insufficient stripping stroke

The mould has a tunnel slide, which needs to be demoulded before opening the male and female moulds. If the mould is opened reversely, the products will be demoulded

Countermeasures: 1. The ring diameter of the shutter increases

2. Use iron shutter or American Standard shutter