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Link Optimization Considerations

  • Time:2022-03-28
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Internal link optimization is to optimize the in-site links of a website. In internal link optimization, the assigned weights are different, and internal links can improve user experience and increase traffic. Today, AB Template Network will share with you the optimization of internal links. What should be paid attention to?

  1. Interconnection between pages

  The entire website structure looks like a spider web, with a main vein composed of columns and appropriate links between webpages, and links to related webpages in other columns in webpages of different columns.

  2. Pay attention to the links in the content

  Everyone will add links to the content when updating the article. Generally speaking, the link of the content has a higher weight than the navigation at the top and bottom of the website. Therefore, the link optimization in the content should not be ignored.

  3. Do not point all internal links to the homepage

This is a problem that many optimizers will encounter. All the internal links of their website point to the homepage of the website. The purpose of this is to allow spiders to crawl their website more, but all pages point to the homepage, which is not only for website ranking and weight. If it doesn't help, the setting will cause the website to drop the right.

  4. Pay attention to text links and image links with high weight

  The crawl of text links and image links is different from Baidu spiders. Generally, the weight passed by text links is higher than that passed by the alt attribute of image links. We often find that the image points to a link, and the title of the article also points to the same link. When the search engine judges the anchor text, it will first record the ALT attribute of the image as a keyword, not the keyword of the article title. It's something that many people ignore.