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How to increase the frequency of crawling by search engines

  • Time:2022-03-28
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When a new website is launched, it needs to be indexed by search engines. To improve the indexing of a website, it is necessary to attract more spiders to crawl the website and increase the frequency of crawling. So how to properly increase the frequency of crawling of search engines? Next, the editor of AB Template Network website optimization will explain it in detail for you.

  1. Interlinks between pages on the site

  If the site page is deeper, the spider will not be able to crawl, the user experience is not very good, and the weight of the page is relatively scattered. When the page is shallow, you can add several link paths to communicate with each other, which will not only make the spider continue to crawl, but also make the user click sticky.

  2. How often the website content is updated

  If you want spiders to crawl frequently, first of all, the update frequency of the website should not be low. If you are new, you can update a little more every day. If the website is not updated properly, the spider will reduce the frequency of crawling, or even not crawling. On the contrary, if the page is updated, control the update frequency of the website, and the spider will crawl to the new page according to the new link.

  3. Exchange Links

  Affiliate links, seo all know that it is helpful for the ranking of websites, and it is also a way to guide spiders to crawl back and forth between websites. Affiliate links are actually better than external links. Therefore, we often exchange links with some frequently updated websites.

  4. Send external chain

The role of the external link is to transfer weight, attract traffic and attract spiders. It is precisely because the external link has this effect of attracting spiders, so when we publish a new website, we usually go to some websites with better indexing effects to publish some external links. chain, so as to attract spiders to crawl.

  In order to improve the indexing of a website, it is necessary to attract spiders to increase the crawling frequency. Indexing is the basis for ensuring website traffic, and crawling frequency is the guarantee of indexing.