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What is the fastest way to increase the index of the website?

  • Time:2022-01-12
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When we optimize the website, we will find that the website index is very slow or not indexed, but the lack of indexing has a great impact on website optimization, so what method can quickly improve the index of the website? The following AB template network website optimization is for everyone Detailed introduction:


  1. High-quality content

Search engines like original high-quality content, but hate repetitive content and plagiarism, so only when we improve the quality of content and add some novel content will we be favored by the clean-up engine, thereby increasing the site’s inclusion .

  2. Submission

After we have done a good job in the quality of the article, there is another point, that is to submit the content, there are other pages, not only the content page can be submitted, all the pages that are not included can be submitted, we can bind the search engine webmaster account , submit unlisted pages in the webmaster management office, which will make our pages quickly crawled by search engines.


  3. Improve the overall quality

When optimizing, we often see that a certain website is crawled very frequently, and its website is also included. What is going on? In fact, it is because the overall quality of his website is high, and the spiders of search engines prefer it. Such a website is often crawled and indexed very well. We can learn more about the presentation form of the website, thereby improving the overall quality of our website.