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How can we improve the user experience of the website?

  • Time:2022-03-28
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The ranking of the website actually has a lot to do with the user experience. If our website has a good user experience, then the ranking of our website will also be improved. Today, the editor of AB Template Network website optimization will talk to you about how to improve it. User experience.

  1. Access speed

   The first thing we talk about is the access speed of the website. The loading and browsing speed of the website is faster, and users cannot wait for the loading. The opening speed of the website is the foundation after all. If the user opens the website slowly, it will affect the user's experience and feel that the quality of your website is poor.

  2. The length of the domain name

   As the first impression of users, the domain name is the first and foremost, and it has a great influence on the user experience. The choice of the domain name must be related to the website, and the domain name cannot be too long or too short.

  3. Station navigation is clear

  The navigation of the website must be designed to be simple and clear, so that users can find what they need at a glance, and whether the navigation classification is reasonable directly affects the user's browsing experience.

  4. Quality article content

   The content of the website must be readable, smooth and clearly structured. High-quality content is valuable. High-quality content can reflect the professionalism of your website and tell users what your website has done in a very conspicuous place, which can not only increase the relevance of the article, but also improve the user experience.