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Get better search engine rankings for your website with high-quality keyword management

  • Time:2022-03-28
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Most websites are not proficient in the business of webmasters, resulting in poor keyword guidance during the operation of the website, and many websites are stagnant. To solve this problem, it is necessary to classify industry keywords and find out their own keyword positioning before the website is officially launched. We can't think that a website contains the keywords of the entire industry. This is also an unrealistic problem. Let's talk about how to classify website keywords and obtain better search engine rankings for websites through high-quality keyword management.

1. Market popularity by keyword

Different websites can have different hotspots. When choosing keywords, most webmasters will choose words with a high degree of industrialization and high search degree, and the choice of these words cannot all be selected, so we should learn to distinguish.

I'm sure you can see so many trending keywords that make up the whole weight loss industry, but can our site contain these words? This is obviously unrealistic, so we need to accurately target our website keywords according to the popularity. We are not a branded website. In order to have a high breakthrough in this regard, it must be accurately positioned.

Get better search engine rankings for your website with high-quality keyword management

2. Divided by Baidu promotion bid words

Now Baidu promotion bidding is very popular, any search word can see bidding advertisements, which also brings a certain difficulty to us to locate keywords. To know that a user enters the search engine and sees the _ website should be ranked in the top three Name, this kind of website also gets more traffic, so when we choose keywords, we must wait for the link to Baidu to promote the bidding. If you want to do medical related words, then you need to see if there are more than 3 competitions promoting such medical keywords. If there is, I suggest you choose another word, because there are 3 competitive promotions before your website goes live, so after your website ranks up, there may be more competitive promotions, then your website is Keywords that will be closed are worthless. Another point is the words we choose. Try to observe whether there are certain promotion websites in the upper right corner of Baidu. If there are, you should click to enter these websites and observe whether the keywords of these websites match the theme. If there are 5 such sites in the upper right corner that match the keyword theme you do, I don't think we can compete with each other, so we can give up appropriately.

3. According to different professions and different names

When choosing website keywords, it is necessary to grasp the psychology of users, and make sure to use them as professional search words or common public search words. It cannot be generalized. Generally speaking, it will only lead to the unclear purpose of your website and the unclear capture of search engine spiders, which is not good for the development of the website, nor can it be trusted by search engines.

As a webmaster, when we choose keywords for our website, we must understand keyword segmentation. Different terms will have different search groups and competitors. Only accurate positioning of our words, coupled with high-quality management, can make our website support users. Sites with inaccurate keyword targeting and half-heartedness will only decrease.