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Does deleting old pages affect SEO optimization?

  • Time:2022-03-28
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SEO optimization is a process that requires long-term optimization. We need to regularly edit the content for the website in order to maintain the long-term stability of the ranking of the entire site. However, the content of the industry is limited, and it is impossible for us to continuously edit valuable content for the website, so some people study the strategy of "trade-in" or directly delete the old content. So does deleting old content have any impact on rankings? Let's follow the Yun Infinite editor to learn about it!

   First, consider the algorithm problem

  Early optimization is that search engines highly rely on the "keyword density" of a particular page to determine the core theme of a page, which leads to the strategy of keyword accumulation for a large number of content. After the introduction of the Qingfeng algorithm, this strategy was severely hit. At this time, we need to delete the piled page content.

   2. Content Review

   When the keyword ranking of a website has been stagnant for a long time, we need to think about whether we need to delete some worthless content, such as whether there is a problem with the content itself, and whether it has a certain logical structure. Whether the content page level is too deep, whether it occupies an important position, these are reasonably deleted.

   3. Content deletion

  After checking the content of the website, some pages with less content, such as: 200-300 words, and pages without any external links, duplicate content, or pages with a large number of irrelevant pages, can be reasonably deleted.

  After we finish the revision, the ranking of keywords will fluctuate to a certain extent during this period, which may increase or decrease. But it makes sense to think about these changes from a long-term perspective, and it will also lay a good foundation for future optimization of the site.