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Mold type repair direction

  • Time:2022-08-19
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Mold type repair direction

Mold type repair direction

1. The raw edge is divided into pl edging, broken burrs, and burrs

1.pl The cause of the burr is that the strength of the mold is insufficient. On the basis of the ok method, it is necessary to confirm:     The height, quantity and position of the support column

2. The strength of the mold and the template, especially the break of the insert and the template

3. Reduction in the area of the broken area

4. Injection port position change

5. Insert the broken edge, stick the burr to confirm the mold, and the four corners of the model.

2. Shrinkage (depression), bonding line, lack of material (meat too thin)

  1. The corresponding part of the shrinkage is corrected (the bottom plane is changed to the spherical surface)

  2. Adding meat to the shrinkage

  3. Injection port, the flow path is increased (depending on the situation)

  4. Add an escape pin into the blind hole, escape into the blind hole, or use a breathable steel

  5. Injection port position change or additional injection port

  6. Add a concave table or glue on the opposite side of the gate.

  7. Lack of glue to customers

3. High injection port

1. Point gate diameter reduction

2. Point gate burglary boss heightening

3. Point gate injection deepens at the ball head

4. The unevenness of the bite surface is uneven or scratched.

1. The mold release angle is not enough (scratch)

2. The biting pattern is changed to fine or thick (gloss unevenness, stress marks)

3. Additional escape into the child or corresponding position biting flower (gloss unevenness, stress marks)

4. Change in thimble position (uneven gloss, stress marks)

V. Step difference, poor method

1. The step difference needs to confirm the four-corner positioning method of the male and female molds.

2. Incorrect method of the inch method

6. Release, sticking, scratching

1. The main reason for the poor release is caused by the sticking of the product. The bad mold of the mold is also caused by the bad movement of the mold.

A sticky master

Countermeasures: 1. Add mold release slope at the mold

    2. The male model corresponds to biting the flower and holding the grip or adding the meat to the child to increase the grip (Figure)

3. The mother mold plus the bullet into the child (pictured)

4. The mother mold adds back and forth to the pin (as shown)

5. The male mold slider is used to delay the increase of the male mold holding force (as shown in the figure).

Two: Sticky male model.

 Countermeasures: 1. Add mold release slope at the mold.

      2. Add a thimble or sleeve at the mold base (as shown)

3. The sticking mold is used to change the pin, and the male mold should be blocked in the direction of the retracting pin to avoid sticking the pin into the sub. (pictured)


3. The sticking mold avoids sticking into the sub-returning pin, and the male mold must make a strong retreat from the pin in the direction of retreating the pin. (pictured)

Three: sticky slider.


1. Slider plus stripping slope.

2. Make a strong force on the mold. (Figure

    3. The slider is demoulded before the male and female molds are peeled off. (pictured)

    4. Slider into the sub-return pin (pictured)

Four: sticky oblique pin.


   1. Oblique pin plus stripping slope.

   2. Add a strong thimble or a non-slip thimble to the diagonal pin. (pictured)

   3. Minimize the oblique pin forming position.


5. Scrape off at the oblique pin:


      1. The top of the oblique pin should not be higher than the top of the mold at the demoulding.

      2. The ejection time is not enough.

      3. The demoulding stroke is not enough. The mold has a tunnel slider, which needs to be demoulded first in the male and female molds. If the mold is reversed, the product will be released.


     1. Increase the diameter of the shutter.

  2. Use the iron shutter or the US-US standard shutter slider to make bad work. The sliding head and the countersunk head have a large gap, which causes the product to be scraped off after the mold is opened.